This adventure has come to an end. As in the Itaca story the reward is not getting here, but having a great experience that allowed us to meet new friends from other countries, get in touch with other cultures and grow together as STEAMERS.

This last challenge was sent by the GREEK mates during the locked down, as the school was closed, we decided that as soon as we got back we would work on it with renewed energies.

Greek box was full of ideas related to the care of the environment. Just perfect for us!!!! Everybody agreed on starting to recover the abandoned green garden. This took place during the summer camp where we learnt the meaning of sustainability. It was late for planting the summer plants but nature gave us a lot of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and watermelons. When everybody came back on September, we could harvest the yield before the coldness autumn spoiled them. We learned to madure them as it traditionally has been done.

This greek box gave us the opportunity to know the GREEK culture and study the importance of the superfoods that nature gives us. It was a really interesting activity.

The youngest kids focused their investigation in ART and SCIENCE by Create-an-animal activity in which students worked in groups of 3 or 4 students. Each group received one paper folded into 4 parts. Each student drew one part of the animal on the same paper. When they unfolded the paper, they saw what they drew. They also had to create a name, where the animal lives, and what the animal does. For example: Does it fly? Does it run? 

Our 4th graders led a campaign to encourage their mates to interact with environment respecting and caring it 

In this video you can see how all these activities went on