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We had started the school year sharing our last year work in our STEAM class and the valuable experience in ERASMUS STEAM JAM PROJECT in the 4º Encuentro de Centros Innovadores. It was a very rewarding meeting, exchanging ideas and challenges with other teachers that are working to transform the current educational model, makes us keep on growing.

Facultad de Comercio y Turismo. Madrid
4º Encuentro Nacional de Centros Innovadores

Septiembre 2019

Erasmus plus con STEAM a bordo.

The current Information and Knowledge Society makes it necessary to innovate in education, using new active and interactive methodologies that provide students with creativity and meaningful learning. At Edutendencias we had a chance to talk about our project on STEAM with the ERASMUS background.
We could share our experiences, ideas, and the pleasure of working together in a European Team of teachers with the same objective.

Facultad de Formación de Profesorado y Educación, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Julio 2019

En torno a Leonardo Da Vici

Spreading the word of steamers, we shared our ideas at Ifema Interdidac.
How teachers work around different ideas integrating art, science, maths, technologies, is a great challenge but a fantastic experience that we just shared with other teachers in different workshops at Ifema.
At the same time giving information about our ERASMUS project; STEAM Jam.

Wales; Student's meeting.

To boost innovation and creativity, we had our STEAM meeting at Ygsol Glan Morfa in Conwy (Wales) for an ERASMUS International Project.
Erasmus Plus is the European Union programme for education, training, youth, and sport. This programme aims to modernize education, training and youth work across Europe and to enhance teaching quality in the EU.
Our students, Claudia and Adriana, were thrilled to prepare a presentation of our school in front of a big audience. They also participated in the school classes together with other European children, members of the STEAM ERASMUS project too.  Part of an improvement in the quality of teaching and learning in our school is also a project, which includes a wide variety of interests on the STEAM approach and some other points on education.
Each class sang and danced to different music, and we enjoyed watching the different songs prepared by each country.  But it was very beautiful the choir which, on the last day, connected with all the audience. As a result, it developed a sense of European identity. 

Madrilenian Teddies around Europe

Our strawberry tree bear went around Europe for our European project;
STEAM Jam. This bear visited different schools and towns, to start the second
STEAM challenge.

Here you will see some pictures of them. And you can see how happy they look.
STEAM education increasingly involves incorporating real-life scenarios into the curriculum.
This approach is designed to take STEAM subjects out of textbooks and incorporate them
into hands-on, multi-dimensional learning experiences.


From February 17th to the 21st, one of our teachers had the opportunity to travel to Targoviste, Romania for the chance of taking part in the second Teachers Training of the Erasmus Plus project.

Along with teachers from the other partner countries; Wales, Belgium, Italy, Greece and

Romania, all gathered to learn from each other and exchange knowledge and experiences.

Spain’s activity was directed to children from age 5 to 7, to learn about our culture through

Arts and Maths. Through a story to learn about the circle and showing images from Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, children had the opportunity to decorate fans; very typical in the hot areas in Spain.

Also, teachers received training in 3D Printing and how to build propulsion engines using only air. All activities were based on the STEAM approach.

These types of opportunities offer teachers to see other schools, and how they work and to bring these new learned skills into our schools and classrooms.

Sharing our Erasmus project at the University of Education USAL (Avila)

The Education, Innovation and Research Program held by DIM-EDU provided a space to share experiences and  develop, implement, replicate, take to field-initiated innovations and improve student’s achievement and teachers’ development. 
The participation of different schools connects to different educational realities. We had a chance there to talk and share our experience on STEAM jam, under the ERASMUS frame.
Sharing is a rich and vital part of our daily basis as teachers because it provides time for more in-depth conversations and helps in students’ practice. 

El Programa de Educación, Innovación e Investigación realizado por DIM-EDU proporcionó un espacio para compartir experiencias, desarrollar, implementar, replicar, mostrar las innovaciones iniciadas en el campo de la educación y de esta manera mejorar  el rendimiento de los estudiantes y el desarrollo de los maestros.

La participación de diferentes colegios  conecta con diferentes realidades educativas. Tuvimos la oportunidad de hablar y compartir nuestra experiencia sobre el proyecto STEAM, bajo el marco de ERASMUS.
Compartir experiencias forma parte de una necesidad rica y vital en nuestro día a día como profesores, ya que proporciona tiempo para conversaciones profundas y nos ayuda en la práctica docente.

Colegio Internacional Aravaca with STEAM Jam in Italy 

Our Experience in Italy, our first mobility in our ERASMUS STEAM JAM project, might be very difficult to be expressed in a few lines after having now completed our days abroad, the amount of things we have done and learnt throughout these days.
 Cesena was the meeting point at the historical centre, near the hills, a place surrounded by greenery and immersed in the quiet of nature and witness of our adventure.

It was so interesting to speak to other teachers from Europe and learn about their experiences and culture at the same time! We were very lucky to teach in the Italian schools, to see the eyes of children when we sang songs with them in English, Spanish and Italian too… We have gathered great memories from the schools and met some lovely staff members and children.

Such activities have multiple benefits, both for the staff who participates and our school, such as enhanced language skills, innovative teaching methods, increasing teaching experience and cultural awareness. Our Erasmus+ experience was just an amazing and exciting learning-sharing journey.
We had also a training period such as a conference on Gifted and talented education. We could see how important the collaborative process between parents, teachers, school psychologists and other professionals on this matter is.

We attended different courses, workshops and we planned the next steps in our STEAM project. We considered adopting different novel approaches to increase student motivation and participation in our STEAM activities. We are very interested in developing innovative teaching methods in STEAM subject, for that purpose we have had a chance to improve by working with European members under the wings of ERASMUS.  Greece, Wales, Romania, Belgium and Spain will make this dream possible. Our journey is finished but our project lives on in the daily life of our school.

Ready to start

ERASMUS day for initial training and information on projects of School Exchange Associations (KA229)  in  took place in Toledo on 15th and 16th of October, at the University of Castilla La Mancha in Toledo

Jornadas de formación inicial de proyectos de Asociaciones de Intercambio Escolar (KA229) – socios” que tuvieron lugar en Toledo los días 15 y 16 de octubre, en la Universidad de Castilla la mancha en Toledo

Preparatory Visit ERASMUS+ 

Our preparatory visit,
In the middle of Conwy, a city that evokes medieval atmosphere, a group of teachers from different countries went with an illusion of building a motivating project for all. With no delay we started to generate new ideas, we opened our mind doors to new colleagues and voilà! Together we developed an international programme based on STEAM learning approach. This meeting help us to discover and understand a new way of working through education between countries. The countries involved are: Belgium, Italy, Wales, Greece, Romania and Spain. Now our friends.

We could get to know on first-hand the workings of another European educational system, learn and share new ideas in this preparatory visit. Now we have the chance to explore best practices by teachers training and teaching in a European school abroad. Our project “STEAM Jam” is ready to start.

Our school, Colegio Internacional Aravaca has hands on already, that’s why this blog, to share ideas and experience to our families to help them understand STEAM as a movement of creative thinkers by encouraging our children natural curiosity and talents through STEAM activities.


En nuestra visita preparatoria, en el corazón de Conwy, una ciudad que evoca una atmósfera medieval, un grupo de profesores de diferentes países se reunieron con la ilusión de construir un proyecto motivador para todos. Comenzamos a generar ideas nuevas sin cesar; abrimos las ventanas de la mente a nuestros compañeros y…voilà! Hemos desarrollado un programa internacional basado en el método de aprendizaje STEAM. Este encuentro nos ha ayudado a descubrir una nueva forma de trabajo en educación entre países. Los países implicados fueron Bélgica, Italia, Gales, Grecia, Rumanía y España. Ahora se han convertido en nuestros amigos.

Pudimos conocer en la visita preparatoria el funcionamiento de otro sistema educativo europeo de primera mano y aprender y compartir ideas nuevas. Ahora tenemos la posibilidad de explorar las mejores prácticas de los profesores, formando y enseñando en el extranjero en un colegio europeo. Nuestro proyecto “STEAM Jam” está listo para comenzar.

Nuestro colegio Internacional Aravaca ya está manos a la obra y este es el porqué de este blog: compartir ideas y experiencias con las familias para ayudarles a comprender STEAM como un movimiento de mentes creativas, fomentando la curiosidad natural y el talento de nuestros niños  a través de las actividades STEAM.