This year in the SCIENCE WEEK a piece of UNIVERSE  arrived to our school in the STEAM JAM box. Our Italian mates from Erasmus +, challenged us to get closer to the outer space. We have been working on different projects, learning more about different aspects of light, silence, the planets, stars, black holes and gravity


The 4 years children have celebrated the SCIENCE WEEK experimenting with a homemade spectroscope! We needed few material to make it and see the rainbow through it! 

1st and 2nd graders working together on a STEAM Erasmus + project. We are learning about stars and constellations and challenging ourselves building constellations with marshmallows

Students in 4th grade worked on Science week this week and we chose Silence activity. We focused on what silence is and how difficult it is to hear nothing. Students watched John Cage's exhibition, and shared with others how they felt about it. After having watched a video on what an anechoic room is, students challenged themselves on staying silent, laying down on the floor. They did an excellent job an realized how many different noises one can hear.

Fifth and sixth graders started recalling the facts we already know about the space through different games we had in class. As our Italian mates sent us such a lovely box, we wanted to thank them with secret messages written with the phases of the moon; we are waiting for their messages back right now, let's see if we can decode them. Getting to know what a black hole and how it works is something very difficult, but thanks to the skype meeting with Moncho Rey, an astrophysicist working in the discovering of new stars, we understood much better one of the greatest enigmas of the universe. We conducted an experiment through which we comprehend the stars living cycle till it dies becoming a black hole. These last days, we were working on our amazing solar system models. The principal aim of the project was to show the relation between the planets regarding their size and, of course, showing, what our creativity and art skills can display.